The increased use and rapidly progressing technology of unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, also known as drones are a growing part of the agricultural industry. As their popularity increases, however, so does the possibility of interference with traditional, manned aircrafts. Thus, there are currently unique challenges in regulating the safe integration of UAVs into the Canadian airspace.

Fly Under 400′

For the safety of manned flight and to avoid interfering with larger aircraft, always fly below 400 feet.

Only Fly Over Your Own Property

Make sure to keep your drone over your own property to avoid interference with other unmanned aircrafts in the area.

Maintain Visual Line of Site of the Aircraft

Keep your aircraft in view at all times throughout flight. Don’t fly behind obstacles or at distances that make it impossible to see your platform.

Only Fly for Your Own Use

If you fly for your neighbour, you’re considered ‘commercial’ and you require liability insurance and an SFOC (ask your AgCon Aerial Rep for details).


We Are Certified


We offer an intensive training program at our ground school that equips pilots to fly UAVs safely and responsibly and minimize any and all risk of incidents with full sized manned aircraft. Sign up to learn about our next course dates.

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Fly Your Drone Responsibly for Everyone’s Safety

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