ParaZero SafeAir System

by | Feb 11, 2020 | News, Products, Safety

Drone Safety

Parachute Deployment System

When flying your drone, one of the worst feelings you can experience is when you lose communication with your equipment and it falls from the sky.

The ParaZero SafeAir System has an automatically triggered safety measure parachute deployment system, preventing a crash.

This is now the safest way to complete flights over people and fly all around the property.

This system is compatible with both Mavic and Phantom series drones and is a quick 15-minute installation

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Watch these videos to find out more information and see the device in action.

Video 1 – Testing the Parachute Deployment System

The video below shows the system deploying on a Phantom system and being caught with ease.

Just completed a successful test deployment of the #ParaZero SafeAir Phantom 4 Pro ASTM parachute system!We deployed the parachute from 230ft AGL, in -9 degrees Celsius temperature with 3-6 kt wind conditions present. The system worked amazingly, and I was able to catch the system by the landing gear as it descended in a controlled manner. The ParaZero system modifies the minimum operating temperature of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro to -10C.Now that we’ve put our own equipment in the line of fire and seen how well the ParaZero performs under marginal environmental conditions, I am quite comfortable recommending it as a safety recovery system for our customers.M3 is a dealer for the ParaZero system. Right now, until New Years they are running a promotion of $300 off the regular price!!Check out this video taken from the drones perspective as it descended… at 120fps of course!Please let me know if you’d like some more information about the system by sending a dm with your email. Thanks!P.S. we had 4 cameras capturing the deployment from multiple angles, including from above… can’t wait to put that footage together!

Posted by Matthew D Johnson on Tuesday, December 24, 2019


Video 2 – Testing near Winnipeg 2019

The M3 crew went out to Drone Paradise (near Winnipeg, Manitoba) to test the ParaZero SafeAir Phantom 4 Pro ASTM Kit.