Multiple WEBINAR Training Dates Coming

by | May 21, 2020 | Classes, News

Upcoming RPAS Ground School Training

Webinars – June, July & August Dates

AgCon is pleased to announce that our RPAS Ground School Training will be Interactive Webinars

No matter whether you plan to fly your drone commercially or just as a hobby, you will be required to have a basic or advanced licence from Transport Canada.

Watch this video and meet our new Instructor and learn all about our courses

One of the biggest thing that recreational flyers don’t know or understand is the airspace and where you can and cannot fly.

Below are some quick points

  • Must keep your aircraft in view at all times
  • Stay 3 nautical miles away from airports and 1 nautical mile from heliports
  • Fly below under 400’

You will learn everything that you need to a competent and safe pilot.

Contact us to schedule your Flight Review for Advanced Licence.

We also recommend that you complete the course with the Advanced Operator Training


Cost: $600 + GST

Time: 8:30-4:30 each day

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