Flight Reviews

by | Jul 4, 2019 | News, Products

Flight Reviews

RPAS Advanced Operator Licence

To obtain your Transport Canada RPAS Advanced Operator’s licence you need to have a flight review completed by a flight reviewer from one of Transport Canada’s self-declared training providers.

The flight review consists of the planning, preparation, and completion of a RPAS flight. Although aircraft performances and weight and balance are not tested as separate exercises, it is expected that you will use all the applicable performance data as well as all the approved operating procedures required for a flight. The flight review is not a training flight but an evaluation of the your knowledge and flight skills at the end of your training.

During the flight review, we will discuss

  • Pre-flight planning
  • Site survey and emergency procedures
  • Flight operations

Read the full description in this PDF

Completion of the Review:

Once the review is completed, you will be informed if you passed or failed and briefed on the highlights of the review. If improvements are needed in certain areas, we will discuss those as well. The results of the review will be submitted to Transport Canada within 24 hours. After the results are submitted, you will have the option to apply for the pilot certificate endorsed for  advanced operations through your personal drone management portal account.

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