Drones for environmental monitoring

by | Jan 23, 2018 | News, Products

DR1000 Flying Laboratory

Drones for environmental monitoring


AgCon Aerial Corp. is pleased to announce that we are now the official distributor in Calgary for Scentroid. Scentroid is a Toronto based company and is the world’s premier manufacturer of odor sampling and analysis equipment.

We will be offering DR1000 Flying Laboratory, a drone for environmental monitoring.

Highlights of the DR1000

The DR1000 can be used to sample and analyze ambient air at heights up to 150 meters above the ground, something previously impossible to accomplish.

It provides samples of more than 30 Chemicals including H2S, CH4, CO2, SO2, and VOCs. With this drone, your operators can stay safely away from the hazardous area and provide continuous chemical monitoring while in flight.

This unit can also provide continuous Dust Monitoring of PM 1, 2.5 and 10 using a laser scattered particulate counter as well as thermal imaging.


Improving Sampling Capability over Difficult Terrain

dr1000 flying laboratoryOften it is necessary to sample where human access is difficult and/or dangerous. The DR1000 Flying Laboratory allows operators to stay safely away from the sources while at the same time acquiring the required air samples for laboratory analysis.

The DR1000 provides a robust platform to conduct air quality measurements for a range of applications including monitoring of fugitive emissions, flare emissions and more!

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