SafeAir™ M-210


Drone Safety System for DJI Matrice 210

  • Parazero’s smart autonomous Matrice 210 safety system.
  • Compatible with all M-210 payloads including D-RTK
  • Protects payload, people, property and your brand. SafeAir™ enables BVLOS and autonomous operations.

    Enables Drones to Operate Everywhere, Safely.



Introducing SafeAirTM

M-210 Safety Solution

ParaZero’s SafeAirTM is a complete SAFETY SOLUTION for all commercial drone applications.

A unique patented active parachute for reduced impact energy in emergencies and loss of control. No. 1 in low altitude, all angle effectiveness, deploys in fractions of a second with the least altitude loss.

SafeAir’s effectiveness & high reliability expand operators’ envelope and provide new previously-inaccessible opportunities for businesses, customers and use cases, including autonomous operation, BVLOS, and over populated areas, significantly reducing the probability for 3rd party and drone damage. SafeAir on-board enables drones and operators to comply with most strict regulatory demands, expanding permits and operation.

SafeAir is effective even at extreme roll angels (including loss of engine, loss of rotor). ParaZero’s solution is custom made and seamlessly integrated with the M-210. It is calibrated based on the drone’s characteristics, to provide best performance.

SafeAirTM includes the following components:

  • Independent Flight Termination System (FTS)
  • Pyrotechnic parachute launcher
  • Smart Autonomous Triggering System
  • Audio-visual safety alert

Product safety features

  • Safety Cover
  • Safety Pin
  • Arm\Disarm

Solution advantages:

  • Low altitude, all angle parachute effectiveness
  • High reliability
  • Activated at power loss, free fall, roll, R/C or G.S.
  • SafeAirTM M-210 recovery system: designed to meet and exceed expected regulation for operation near and above people















ParaZero’s SafeAir enables drones to operate everywhere. SAFELY.